Drawing – En Plein Air

My Entry into the INCOGNITO Art event 2022 – I painted three palm trees without using a brush. Can you guess how it was painted?. I so enjoy this charity event and hearing how people find me amongst 3000 entries. Each Artwork is a5 in size and all $100each, you can only buy 3 max and you don’t know who you have selected until you have purchased the work. People cued the night before in the middle of winter. Such amazing results and all the money goes to Studio A who help Artists with disabilities. July 2022

Palm Tree 2022


When life has some strange turns we often ask what is the point of art? I have had the joy of answering this very question recently and the word is Wonderment. If art can provide wonderment in a world where fast and furious seems to be the norm. If we can stop and reflect and re-connect through arts details of life, details that we may have forgotten to notice.. the bark on a tree, the movement of water. The glow of the moon. Then art has done its job.

To add to that if I can also fundraise with my art, sell my art to help others, then as an artist I feel I have done two things with my art.

Let me know what you opinion of this is… how do you see the purpose of art fits into our day to day lives? email me

May 18 – 2022

I am delighted to announce that I have been made a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute.
I am humbled and honoured to  receive this momentous offer of membership.
Next year they celebrate 100 years
Check out their long standing history on their webiste and obtain their amazing book that includes artwork by all members.

Happy 2022

My New Exhibition BUSHLAND TO HEADLAND is at REX-LIVINGSTON in Katoomba

2-31 Jan.

Feel free to pop in or see the Full Catalogue HERE. It is a joint exhibition with Peta Dzubiel.

The Daintree Rainforest

A percentage of all sales will go to Rainforest Rescue. Who are doing great work to expand the Daintree Property by Property,

December 2021

Last month I donated to some important charities. All five bird artworks up for grabs for the Sydney Kids Hospital have Sold.

My exhibition Bloom is at Randwick Children’s Hospital has just ended but I am now taking commissions and I have a few artworks left.  I am excited and overwhelmed by the response. 
Thank you!

Yesterday I was named a % protector for Rainforest Rescue. They support the expansion of the Daintree Rainforest by buying back land. At the moment they are up to about 30 properties. 
For the rest of the month I am giving 30% to Ranforest Rescue every time I sell a bird artwork or print. Tobias the Black Cockatoo is print no.1  prints are as little as $65 for A4 or $100 for A3 size.

My new series of Australian Native’s for Randwick Children’s Hospital is on display for 3 months. It is a fundraiser that supports Children with cancer. For the first time the whole exhibition can be viewed online. View the online exhibition HERE

This new body of work was a challenge as I had never painted 30 artworks of Australian Natives. I did a lot of research along the way and went on many bushwalks to get close to my new subject. I chose a variety of approaches. Oil on linen, acrylic on board and I made a lino print. In the end I put them all in the exhibition unable to decide which I preferred. If you have a look feel free to tell me which ones you prefer. Sept 2021

Below the Lockdown Art – new ideas – new challenges. Printing with nature!

Curl Curl Headland- Oil on Linen-2020

Painted in 2020 – this series of headlands was a response to the lack of travel during COVID. As an artist it was interesting to explore my local headlands with fresh eyes.

I also expanded this series in 2021 to encaustic. All the work will go on display

July 10 at Rex-Livingston Gallery, Katoomba. – POSTPONED

Art for Air

2021 – MARCHART FOR AIR – Just now I am helping 18 women have an exhibition at White Rhino Artspace. I really enjoy the process and the ability to mentor emerging Artists. The exhibitors are my past and current students, some are already practicing artists. As a group small works have donated a small work each for a charity – UNICEF. We are raising much need funds so India can buy more Oxygen.

This Event finished with over $1000 going to UNICEF.

SEE Video’s from the night here: ART FOR AIR

Emergent January 2021 – Curated by Sarah Rose. A wonderful Group Exhibition that I was apart of at ARTSITE Gallery in Camperdown.

Queenwood workshop for year 11

This was a great morning workshop with year 11 in encaustic – May 2021

We played with photo transferred

Encaustic and mixed media


Finalist – GOSFORD ART PRIZE 2020

I was a finalist in the Gosford Art prize 2020. The Artwork Approaching storm is an encaustic artwork on board.

A final exhibition for 2020 – chance to final get back out after a very strange year. All new coastal landscapes on linen to celebrate the coast so close to home. No chance for travel in the last 12 months.

Group Exhibition at Hamptons House

2020 – SOLO at Rex-Livingston Gallery – Katoomba

The Daintree

MARCH 2020 – This Term I am an Artist in Residence at Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College. I have my own studio onsite and I then teach students encaustic, mono printing and more in small classes for year 9, 11 + 12.

Feeling lucky – a new body of work has started thanks to this residency. See my NEW Instagram site @rachelcarrollart to see the work as it progresses.


I curated this great exhibition and it made for a great start to 2020 – Nine of my students had their first exhibition in a cute little venue in Manly for International Women’s Day! We are all inspired to have more exhibitions as a group, contact me if you would like to join the next one!

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