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Nature’s Symphony

My New exhibition BLOOM is currently online and at Randwick Children’s Hospital



Rural NSW 2017

Greater NSW image

Greater NSW is a solo exhibition celebrating the NSW town of Orange, Berrima & Bowral.

After a recent journey, Rachel fell in love with the trees, the vast sunsets and the undulating hills. She also went to great lengths to find and paint the very same tree that Brett Whiteley painted in 1984 in Carcoar; to this day the great yellow willow remains a feature of this former tiny mining town.

7 – 30 Sept , Opening night drinks with the artist, Sat 15 Sept, 6pm

Hamptons House, 182 Sydney Road, Fairlight hamptonshouse.com.au

An Artwork will be auctioned for BUY A BALE – during the exhibition, to help our farmers!

Daintree - Light oil on board 100x100cm _Rachel Carroll

Danks 2011 015

I wish to bring this experience of the bush to the city in the hope that the plight of this region is seen as well as heard. “Although it is a bush problem, it is here in the city that solutions will be accomplished.” (Phil the sustainable farmer from Hattah NP)

The glow within the Australian landscape has always attracted and influenced my vision as an artist. The light in the land is unique in its crisp clarity, and yet simultaneously its softness in early morning light. I wander this land curious to note the “European eye” that has been here before me; Von Gerard and others often missed the dry intensity of light within the landscape, often rendering a lush European finish.

This land is far from lush but its Mallee terrain often suggests another type of panorama. Once you are within its base and looking up from below as I often do, the land takes on a whole new glow.


Rachel Carroll, Mark Rhodes and Lisa Woolfe will be showing individual solos at Danks street Depot II Gallery, a first for these Northern Beaches Artists. They have united to explore the green belt that exists on the periphery of our city walls. Predominantly water and land are seen as our green patches that invite viewers into a sanctuary of natures unique moments. Each artist has chosen a different location to experience the green belt that they have made their own.

Rachel Carroll continues her journey along the Murray Darling Basin, a six year adventure which has arrived at the source of the Murray. The Murray Rise at Mt Kosciosko. Carroll has ventured as close to the rise as possible without rangers assistance to obtain a glimpse of the natural beauty as it flourishes in the foot hills of Kosciosko. For the first time Carroll has abstracted the river to only focus on the waters movement as the colour and tonal variations of the river as seen over two days on the rivers shoreline. These large scale abstracts on Canvas absorb the viewer in an experience of the river in motion.

Mark Rhodes’s atmospheric paintings pay homage to the forces that both create and destroy our landscape. Rhodes paints large scale oils that lure the viewer into the atmosphere of the sea and land. The subtle change in colour and tone at dawn and dusk are a focus for this series that engulfs the viewer.

Lisa Woolfe immerses herself in specific bush locations and presents a unique topographical record of the landscape, the seasonal evolution and its inhabitants.  Using a variety of media Woolfe uses an energised line to take the viewer on a journey through the Manly Basin.

Each artist takes us on a journey back into the green belt inviting us to venture beyond the city walls. It is safer than you think. It is the reason we breathe.

Mia Chris Langois, Rachel Carroll

With Artists Mia Oatley & Chris Langois
“Water is the driver of nature….without it, nothing retains its form.” Leonardo Di Vinci

Inspired by water and light whilst seeking to understand the function of both, I have delved into the depths of water and its purpose. Leonardo also said…water is to the earth like blood is to the body.

It is universal themes like Water that absorb us all. We are reminded of the warmth of light and the life of water. It ebbs and flows through each season, it ebbs and flows through our life journey.  This journey began at the source of the Murray River in Kosciuszko National Park 2013.

Our observations help us to understand our place in the world and how the world operates. What we understand we often seek to take care of. Preserve it now.

Rachel Carroll


The Plant Gallery Present Rachel Carroll

Immersion 2011 – The Murray River

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