2020 – Happy New Year! For the month of January I am donating 50% of all sales to The Red Cross to help those that have suffered during the fire season. Email me for the full list of artworks or come to my studio to view.

2019- Exhibitions

Inverell – A new Gallery – AK Bellinger Gallery – Group exhibition – July 2019


SOLO Exhibition – Rex-Livingston Gallery – Katoomba – March 2019

2017 – This month I am pleased to announce my involvement with three great charity events in Sydney, all animal related of course!

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home – Charity event at the Hilton, November 18 – book your tix: HERE . PLUS Sydney Wildlife go wild Gala event at Manly & Zambi Wildlife Retreat – who save circus animals. You can win my artwork at each event. One is the Pug , a limited edition print of a Frogmouth.  Plus the Macaw called Jimmy , all $200 each.

If you can’t make it to the event but would love a Frogmouth print, contact me today and a percentage from each sale will go to Sydney Wildlife or Sydney Dogs & Cats Home – you choose.

Finalist: Chippendale World Art Prize 2017 – titled: Sofala

Sofala - Linen

Masters Degree – Final Thesis

Carroll_Thesis MASTERS – What kind of relationship with nature does art provide

Although written in 2007 I still have fond memories of this time and this is when my love of the Coorong in South Australia began. Each year I then travelled to a new part of the Murray River Darling Basin until 2013.

The Bimblebox Project:

I have had a wonderful opportunity to exhibit in a touring exhibition which has had the aim of saving the Bimblebox Forest. My artwork was selected for the 100 birds series that explored the endangered birds in the region.

Interview with Erin ShielInterview with Rachel Carroll completed by Erin Shiel

I was delighted to be a part of a University project with the Poet and writer Erin Shiel. Link through the text above to read the whole interview.



Rachel Carroll_ Lake View

The Water Colour Institutes 93nd Annual Exhibition

Juniper Hall, Paddington

Barn Owl – SOLD

I am often asked – how & why do I produce such a variety of work?

I do split my time between three main bodies of work, that often attracts three different audiences. Plus each subject demands a new way of execution. The birds need to be mixed media on paper, the landscapes need to be lush and painterly on canvas or board. The birds have become a separate series because they were needing a whole new focus. They needed to be an experience of just birds, mini portraits, character studies. Often inspired by a location but not needing to be located within the location. Just now I am actually thinking that I would like to take them into a domestic setting. It is always about enhancing that sense of character, and personifying nature. If we see nature as something close to us and accessible and thus understood then maybe just maybe we will care for it more and engage with it more. An engagement with nature will surely reduce its loss. Imagine if all parliament meetings took place in a rain forest. I think we would have more rain forests!



R.Carroll.Water Series - mixed media on Cotton Rag
The Water Series – mixed media on 400gsm Indian cotton rag paper

The Water Colour Institutes 92nd Annual Exhibition

Two of my most recent artworks have been selected. This show runs til Jan 21, 2016. It is a great honour to be selected.



New Exhibitions

enduringreserveseinvite (2)

Invite Hamptons House Nov 5


Invitationp2-small images grand visions 2014 (2)
Group exhibition at Wagner

Diffusion I, Oil on Canvas, 1mx1m, RCARROLL
Finalist in Paddington Art Prize – 2014

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